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Health & Transformation Coaching

Become the Best Version of You

​Is Wellness Coaching right for me?

  • Are you feeling unfilled?

  • Do you feel like you do all the right things but still lack joy in your life?

  • Are you looking to tap deeper into your intuition and reclaim your voice?

  • Are you overwhelmed by conflicting information on how to be "healthy"?

  • Are you feeling disconnected?

  • Are you lacking passion and purpose in your life?

  • Are you going through a life transformation and feeling unsure of how to fit into your new role?

  • Are you in need of a safe space to speak freely, where you will feel seen and heard?

  • Is there a significant gap between who you want to be and how you are currently showing up in the world?

  • Do you have an inner critic that is holding you back from taking chances?

  • Do you feel like you are just surviving rather than thriving in life?

  • Do you hold self-limiting beliefs?

If you resonated with any of the above, you could benefit from coaching. There are so many factors that can hold us back in life and sometimes we are completely unaware of what these things may be. For many of us it's a lingering feeling of being lost or stuck and not knowing the path forward. 

In our coaching sessions, we will get to the root cause of whatever issues you are experiencing. We will approach your multi-dimensional health from a holistic perspective. The support you will receive will help cultivate personal growth and expansion in your physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and mental health. As humans, we are an integrated whole and often times when we experience trauma or suffering in one area of our health, it manifests as symptoms in several other areas. Treating an isolated area of our health or a specific symptom is just a temporary fix for what is commonly a much deeper problem.


Coaching is a transformational experience and one in which you will receive  the tools you need to heal and become the healthiest and most vibrant version of yourself. 


What can I expect from Wellness Coaching with Danielle?

  • A space to grow and heal with a coach who is passionate about helping others

  • To get to the root causes of the suffering you are experiencing in life

  • To develop a better understanding of yourself and your patterns

  • To develop clear and realistic goals to support your continued growth

  • Unconditional support on your health and wellness journey

  • To address your health from a multi-dimensional approach that will explore all aspects of your lifestyle

  • Customized tools (meditations, breath-work, health plans and recipes, yoga and mindfulness practices) to further support and enhance the transformation process

  • Bi-weekly meetings within a 12-week coaching container

  • An open and non-judgmental space to explore your thoughts and emotions

  • Life transformation and personal growth

  • ​FREE consultation

  • 1-1 personalized coaching via Zoom or phone

If you're interested in working with Danielle, click the link below to schedule your free consultation. Once your request is received, you will receive a health history form to complete before the initial consult. 

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