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Danielle Moree


E-RYT 500, Certified Health & Wellness Coach


About Danielle

Danielle Moree is an International Yoga Teacher & Trainer and Wellness Coach who travels the world sharing her passion for cultivating mindfulness and self-awareness through practices like yoga and meditation.  She emphasizes and embraces the importance of being able to express our individuality and teaches her students tools on the mat that are relatable and apply to all aspects of life. 
She loves challenging and inspiring her students with self-inquiry, stillness, and venturing outside of their comfort zones. Danielle is an E-RYT-500 in Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, and Yin.  These are certifications that she acquired in the U.S., India, Canada, and Australia.  She is also certified as a Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) and Registered Yoga School (RYS-200) through Yoga Alliance and is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.
Danielle spent several years teaching around the world and gaining a better understanding of yoga and its effects on the mind and body.  Coming from a fitness background and a very active lifestyle, she started to notice the positive effects both mentally and physically when she took the time to incorporate yoga and meditation into her daily routine. There was something that felt so nourishing in these practices that helped release tension and resistance and cultivate a sense of surrender. Overtime, these practices became something that felt necessary and Danielle felt compelled to share the benefits she was experiencing with others. Danielle believes the energy that is created and transformed through a regular yoga practice is the the key to cultivating balance and inner peace in our everyday lives. 

Danielle has learned from some great yoga teachers around the world and has great reverence for their teachings. She has studied and embodied these teachings and they've led her to create yoga trainings of her own to share with her students. She takes her Yin & Mindfulness teaching curriculums to different studios internationally, teaching the benefits of incorporating yoga and meditation into everyday life.  Her trainings have been said to help many people develop an appreciation for slowing down, embracing the present moment, and finding a deeper level of self-acceptance. 


Danielle's love of yoga and her passion for sharing her teachings with others led her into the space of wellness coaching. Danielle witnessed students have profound transformations through a regular yoga practice but also noticed that they were still burdened by so many issues when dealing with day-to-day life. In her coaching sessions, she now helps her clients work through their issues and get to the root cause of their suffering. She finds the combination of yoga, meditation, and coaching to be the perfect recipe for fulfilling your life's purpose and connecting with feelings of true joy and contentment. 

​Danielles' trainings and coaching sessions take a very practical approach to healing the Mind, Body, & Soul. She takes a holistic approach to healing because she feels we need to address each part of our Self in order to heal and feel complete. She is experienced in teaching all-levels and has practiced and taught different styles of yoga internationally for the past 8 years. Through coaching and teaching she is dedicated to providing the tools to help others connect with their intuition, find inner peace, and create balance in their everyday lives. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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